A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A personal VN on anxiety, depression, and the value of others.


This game just kind of...happened by accident.

While going through a rough patch and suffering from writer's block while working on a #NaNoRenO project with friends, I poured my heart out onto a few pages one night. After a week of tweaks, this is the result.

Also TW: discussions of anxiety, depression, and self-harm.

My first time using Ren'Py so apologies if there are any bugs. I do not have access to a Mac so there may be issues with that.


TheDarkPlace-1.0-mac.zip 26 MB
TheDarkPlace-1.0-pc.zip 61 MB


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Yo dude, I'm from the Rainbow Jam Discord, wanna team up for a game?

Sure! Feel free to DM me on Discord and we can discuss!

You can find me here:
I'm a spy and I don't know why#0652

Great job on this!

Thank you ^_^